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27 February 2014
Successful Executive or Corporate Slave? Some thoughts on purpose and ethics in the business world
Cambridge University ISOC
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12 September 2013
Policy Options for Genuine Financial Reform
SESRIC, Istanbul
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31 March 2009
The Alternative G-20
University of East London
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25 July 2007
Transition Issues in Monetary Reform
Gold Dinar Conference, Kuala Lumpur
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29 September 2002
Financial Aspects for Establishing Muslim Schools
Muslim Education in Europe, AMSS conference, Bonn, Germany
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11 February 2002
Thirld World Debt
University of Cambridge Islamic Society, Cambridge, England
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April 2001
Arriyadh Development Authority, Riyadh
Bank Lending and Residential Property Prices
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October 1999
Fractional Reserve Banking and the Interest-bearing Money Supply
Association of Muslim Social Scientists, London School of Economics
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