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To add your institution to the Institutions database please complete the following form. You must be a Professional User in order to enter or update an entry on this database (register as a Professional User here). In order to update an existing entry please search for the institution name and then click the update link on the results page. If a Professional User is already registered with us for the named institution, the e-mail address for this person will be shown next to the entry on the results page. The following terms of use apply to this service in addition to our standard terms and conditions:

  • The information that you enter on this form will be made available to users who search the Institutions database (usernames and passwords are not made publicly available).
  • Only individuals representing an institution may post institutional data to this database.
  • Before registering, please check that the institution you wish to register is not already registered on our Institutions database. We will not acept a duplicate for an existing entry.
  • You must register an e-mail address that uses the same domain as the web address of the institution. Please avoid using e-mail addresses that are personalised as these become unusable if the named person stops working for the institution (e.g. instead of using "" use "").
  • You must include an email address, the institutional website address, and comments on the institution's activities before submitting this form. Postings that do not contain this information may be deleted at our sole discretion.
  • Any postings to our databases must be of relevance to the world of Islamic banking, Islamic finance, Islamic investment or Islamic insurance. Postings that are not relevant to the field, including postings that are of a personal nature, may be deleted at our sole discretion and the offending institution may be removed from our list of Professional Users.
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