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Enron, Tyco, QWest, WorldCom
Hidden usury banking time bomb
Paper data cheque-book plastic
Global markets gambled spastic

Third world meets monopoly buyer
Debt at interest ever higher
Freedom, capital, trading lingo
Western corporate brainwashed jingo

Opportunity? Exploitation!
Achieving market domination!
Community? Consent? Abstention?
Forgotten now with old age pension!

Africa starving, data hopeless
G-8 summit, Africa voteless
Currency crisis, IMF debt trap
Plan never flies (though wings go "flap-flap")

Debt more debt, this our salvation
Asset price bubble then deflation
Mother and father stretched to the limit
Children at home with videos, in'it?

Banker silent, points at others
Hides a secret few uncover,
Money creation is power and riches!
(TV has game-shows, public in stitches)

Euro/Sterling discourse held off
Awaiting Professors Izzard and Geldof
Labour? Tory? Choice a plenty!
But bankers rule, so choice is empty.

July 2002