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Latest additions to are listed below:

The End Matters (paper added)21 April 2014
Editor presentation (Business Ethics), Cambridge University22 February 2014
The Four Horsemen (film documentary)5 November 2013
Editor presentation, SESRIC, Istanbul28 September 2013
A Discussion on Islamic Home Finance (audio)20 August 2013
Discussion at St. Paul's (audio-visual)8 June 2013
Information for Muslim Investors30 December 2012
People First Economics (abridged article)20 November 2012
Counting the Cost, Al Jazeera (audio-visual)31 August 2012
Editor presentation with speaker notes17 July 2012
Library papers update (Rothbard, M.)7 July 2012
Library papers update (Nyazee, I.)7 July 2012
Library papers section launched1 December 2011
Study Centre launched1 September 2011
Submitting Comfortably Together14 January 2011
The Problem With Interest4 November 2010
Market Eye (latest valuation)28 October 2010
Glossary update (improved search and data)27 October 2010
The Alternative G-20 (audio-visual)25 October 2010