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The Study Centre course is designed for use by new professionals and students at university level who wish to become familiar with the key concepts of Islamic banking, finance and investment in a short period of time. Content is delivered in the English language and covers economic, legal and practical aspects of the subject. The key features of the course are as follows:

  • three audio-visual lectures in just under 90 minutes of total viewing time;
  • course slides available for download;
  • 76 pages of detailed background reading;

Course Content

The course content is summarised here. No knowledge of Islam, Islamic economics, or Islamic finance is required. However, a basic understanding of secular finance will be of some assistance to participants. To help you decide whether the course is an appropriate starting point for your study, we have provided a free on-line multiple choice test here.

Benefits of Studying this Course

By studying this material you will gain a basic understanding of the following topics:
  • the main concepts of Islamic law in matters of banking, finance and investment;
  • the implications of Islamic law for the institutional framework at the economic and social level;
  • the product range of the Islamic financial services industry;
  • the distinction between Islamic financial products that are in keeping with Islamic law, and those that are similar or equivalent to the prohibited products found within secular finance;
  • the reasoning used by some modern scholars to justify the product range of the Islamic financial services industry;
  • some directions for developing a financial system that is in keeping with traditional undestandings of Islamic law.

Technical Details

The audio-visual files are delivered in a low resolution Adobe Flash video format in order to minimise bandwidth problems. These are accompanied by high resolution copies of the lecture slides in Adobe pdf format. The background reading that accompanies the course is supplied in Adobe pdf format. After completing the course, participants can develop their understanding further using some or all of the following recommended reading.

Exam Schedule and Other Information

The course is free of charge. Use your email address and password A4S6d7 to log in.