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Since its foundation in 1997, www.islamic-finance.com has maintained an independent editorial and sought to promote open debate on critical contemporary issues. We adopt an inclusive approach to the subject of Islamic banking and finance, allowing the full range of juristic and technical opinion to be represented on our various databases. These include over one thousand PhD's and other researchers in over forty countries, an institutions database comprising academic commercial and public institutions, a books database, details of forthcoming events and an extensive glossary. Our on-line Study Centre course can be accessed here along with a suggested reading list. Editorial, production and legal information can be accessed here. You can register for occasional updates here. If you would like to use our fee-based services to advertise an event or book, or upload your institutional details, please register as a Professional User here.

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Islamic Finance (3 vols.)
Heaven's Bankers
Islamic Economics: the Ultimate Alternative
Islamic Capitalism and Finance ...
Shariah Compliant Private Equity ...
Islam and Sustainable Development
Legal, Regulatory and Governance ...
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The Problem With Interest
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Lessons from Northern Rock
The Islamic Mortgage
Holding Back the Tide
Islamic Banking isn't Islamic
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Boom, Bust, Crunch ... an Islamic Solution?
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