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Lessons to be Learned ...
A brief explanation of the origins of the 2007-2008 financial crisis.
Subverting the Islamic Ban on Usury
Article from the Financial Times, 14 July 2006
Holding Back the Tide
An interview by Nadine Marroushi
Boom, Bust. Crunch
Is there an Islamic alternative to the boom bust economy?
People First Economics
Converting to Islamic economics
Counting the Cost
Discussion with Professor Jem Bendell on Al Jazeera
The Islamic Mortgage
A brief analysis of the various types of Islamic mortgage ...
Information for Muslim Investors
Some important points for Muslims to consider when deciding how to invest.
Fractional Reserve Banking
Commercial banks create money out of nothing and then lend it at interest. As a result, most societies live in debt while the banks grow rich and powerful ...

Islamic Banking isn't Islamic
They tell you it's "Islamic" ... but is it really?
Second Thoughts on Sukuk
Letter to the Financial Times on Mufti Taqi Usmani's critique of Islamic bond issues (unpublished).
A Discussion With Professor Siddiqi
The text of an email dialogue with Professor Nejatullah Siddiqi on the subject of Islamic banking and commodity money
Islamic Derivatives?
Key issues, from someone who used be a derivatives dealer ...

The Lizard Hole
Our occasional comic strip
The Problem With Interest
Preface to the 3rd Edition
Questions for the Scholars
An extensive discussion of the problems inherent in the current approach to "Islamic" banking and finance.
Fortune Favours the Bankers
How much profit are the banks making compared to other industries?

A Debate on Money
All the key issues from a lengthy on-line debate ...
Speculation involves wealth transfer, not wealth creation ...
Discounting and Pollution
Interest encourages commercial practices that are destroying our environment ...
About interest-based money
The consequences for our economic and social life of the interest-based financial system ...

The Other Kind of Terrorism
Five million African children die every year because of economic terrorism. That's one 9/11 every five hours.
Entropy and Interest
The contradiction between physical wealth that rots to nothing, and loans at interest that grow towards infinity ...
Step by Step you shall Follow Them
Just like the Jews and the Christians, the Muslims are making usury halal ...
Don't Mention the Reserve Ratio
The ECB is forcing Europe to use interest-based money ...
A Soil of Our Own
A strategy for Islamizing Islamic banking and finance
Travelling the Wrong Road Patiently
Fundamental re-evaluations are needed if Islamic banking is to be of benefit to the Muslim world
The Great Islamic Mortgage Caper?
If you want to buy a house with an Islamic mortgage, what are the options, and what are the consequences?
Bank Lending and Property Prices
How lending practices shape the performance of the residential property sector ...
Viability of the Islamic Dinar
The transition to, and implications of, a monetary system based on gold
Return of the Dark Ages
Fighting the financial establishment ...
Shaken to the Foundations
A shallow adoption of Islamic contractual structures does not address the injustices of interest-based home finance ...
A Discussion on Current Accounts
One small point in Islamic law that has enormous implications for the permissibility of fractional reserve banking in Islam ...